Tips for Successful Tent Rental Experience

What to expect and tips for a successful tent rental experience

Thank you for choosing O’Neil Tents for your event! We sincerely appreciate your business and pledge to do whatever we can to make your experience a good one. Here are some tips to ensure your rental experience is smooth.

  1. Things to do before delivery:
    1. Make sure you read the rental contract and the terms and conditions. The rental contract details the items and services to be provided by the rental company. If you have any questions, call 614-837-6352 immediately.
    2. Delivery and pickup charge quotes are based on standard delivery locations with easy truck access and ground floor delivery. Additional charges may apply for deliveries that do not meet this criteria.
    3. Do not mow grass before the tent is installed. Please wait until after the installation to avoid grass clipping from attaching to the tent top.
    4. Please be onsite at time of delivery to ensure the tent is installed in the correct location. If you can’t be there, let us know in advance and mark the site.
  2. Deliver and use of rental items:
    1. Deliveries are usually made between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. During our busy season, deliveries may run later than 5:00 p.m. O’Neil’s installation crew will call you a half hour prior to arrival.
    2. Before the team leaves your site, please make sure you confirm all items have been delivered. If you discover a problem or something is missing after the team has left, please call our office at 614-837-6352 as soon as possible.
    3. Linens require great care. Normal soiling happens. Candle wax will ruin linens. If the linens are wet, please hang to dry before placing in bags.
    4. It is normal for condensation to develop on the bottom of a tent. When the temperature of the tent material is cooler than the air around it, moisture will condense on the tent. Do not be alarmed when water runs off.
    5. You are responsible for all rental items from time of delivery to time of pick up. Please ensure all items are secure from the elements, loss or breakage.
  3. Pickup of rental items:
    1. If you need to reschedule your pickup date or time, please call our office at 614-837-6352 by noon the day prior to your scheduled day.
    2. Please neatly stack tables and chairs in the same manner they were delivered. All tables should be folded and chairs returned to bags. We offer set-up and take down services for an additional fee. You may be charged this fee if tables and chairs are not ready for pickup when the crew arrives.
    3. Please be onsite when the crew picks up your rental. This protects both you and our company to ensure we account for any damages or shortages.
  4. For DIY package customer pickups and returns:
    1. Customers purchasing a DIY rental package may pick up and return rental items between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
    2. Trucks or vans are recommended to transport rental items to ensure both your safety and the safety of the rental equipment. If O’Neil Tents has concerns about the safety of our rental equipment while in your possession, we reserve the right to refuse your rental.

Let O’Neil Tents help you create a memorable event. Contact a tents or events specialist at 1-800-RENTENT or click here.